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All books available in regular paperback and Large Print paperback as well.

The first 4 titles are available as audio books, narrated by Devon Sorvari.

Four-Footed Fortune – A Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 19

Lauren Denman, cupcake baker and co-owner of the Norwegian Forest Cat Café with her fur baby Annie, has scored a catering gig with her cousin Zoe. The local senior center is giving a talk on the 1850s gold rush, and in honor of the occasion, Lauren has created a special Gold Rush cupcake.

But when Shirley, a local lady, tells everyone that she has a real gold nugget, everyone wants to see it!

Inspired by the gold rush, Lauren, Annie, and Zoe decide to pan for gold with their friend Martha. Will they find a nugget of their own?

When they visit Shirley to find out more about her big gold nugget, they stumble across a dead body, and a clue.

One hidden clue leads to another, until they’re convinced they’re on the trail of Shirley’s nugget.

Martha wants to help them “sleuth” and persuades them to let her go undercover in the café.

But when the killer discovers what they’re up to, will they have time to discover a fortune in gold? Or will they have enjoyed their last Gold Rush cupcake?





Hunting for Handcuffs — A Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 18

Coffee, cupcakes, and kitty day care – just a normal day for Lauren, Annie, and Zoe – when they’re not busy catching a killer!

Lauren temporarily hires a college student to help out in the cat café in the small town of Gold Leaf Valley, Northern California, while her cousin Zoe enjoys a belated honeymoon in beautiful Puerto Rico.

But Darrell isn’t working out.

Not at all.

When Darrell doesn’t turn up for his last shift, Lauren, Annie (her Norwegian Forest Cat), and her police husband Mitch visit his apartment. And find him dead.

When Zoe returns home the next day, she’s keen to investigate – as well as show off a magic handcuff trick, which inevitably fails.

Not only was Darrell a lazy employee, he also stole money from the register – and loved to entertain his friends for free at the café.

With his three pals as suspects, as well as his college professor, the trio aren’t sure who to interview first!

Meanwhile, Zoe and Annie come up with a moneymaking scheme – kitty day care – while Lauren keeps an eye on the café and comes up with a new cupcake creation.

But when they finally work out who the killer is, can they slap on the handcuffs in time? Or will they have enjoyed their last strawberry delight cupcake?






Triple Threat book

Triple Threat — A Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 17

Can Lauren and Zoe foil a killer – with the help of Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat, and her two feline friends?

The small town of Gold Leaf Valley is excited about the new gossip column in the local newspaper. Everyone, including Lauren and Zoe, who run a cat café with the help of Annie, a Norwegian Forest Cat, finds it fun to guess who is being talked about.

But they’re all shocked when tragedy strikes the newspaper office. Did someone take exception to being the source of gossip?

That’s not all that’s happening in the town. Lauren’s husband Mitch, a police detective, warns her there’s a pickpocket on the prowl.

After they start sleuthing, they realize something doesn’t add up. What significance does a torn scrap of paper have? Will finding it help or hinder their attempts to discover the killer?

And when they do confront the murderer, will they get out alive? Or will they have enjoyed their last pumpkin spice marshmallow mocha?





Leaping into Larceny

 Leaping into Larceny – A Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 16

Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat, leaps into larceny – along with her humans, Lauren and Zoe!

Lauren Crenshaw, cupcake baker and cat café owner, is back from her Hawaiian honeymoon and ready to settle into newlywed bliss with her husband, police detective Mitch Denman. So, too, is her cousin Zoe, now married to her guy, Chris.

But before they can get warm and cozy in the chilly winter weather, their friend Brooke asks for their help. She left valuable jewelry with her Uncle Francis, and now wants it back.

When they arrive at Uncle Francis’s house, he can’t explain why the jewels are missing. And when they come across a dead body a couple of days later, they wonder if the two events are connected!

When they’re not busy sleuthing, Lauren creates a new cupcake – blueberry cream – and Zoe decides to write a screenplay and asks Annie and Mrs. Snuggle, a Persian friend of Annie’s, for help.

But when they come face to face with the killer, can they make it out in time? Or will they have eaten their last blueberry cream cupcake?


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Fur Babies and Forgery – A Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 15

Coffee, cougars, cupcakes – can Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat, help solve the mystery of the flirtatious dance instructor?

Cupcake baker and café owner, Lauren Crenshaw, is taking last minute dance lessons with her police detective fiancé Mitch Denman. Their wedding is two weeks away!

But when their cougar of a dance instructor Simone is murdered, Mitch needs to solve the case fast – or else they can say bye-bye to their Hawaiian honeymoon!

With last minute wedding prep to do, Lauren’s cousin Zoe (co-maid of honor with Annie) was in charge of organizing the dance lessons. With her first two choices unavailable, she settled on Simone, an attractive older woman with definite come-hither charm.

Mitch, and his best man Chris, were not tempted by Simone – at all. But when the four of them discover her killed in her studio, they need to discover who murdered her – fast!

Meanwhile, Lauren is baking her own special cupcakes for the wedding, and Annie is practicing walking down the aisle with Zoe.

With everything Lauren has to do before she says “I do” can they find the killer before the big day? Or will she have to postpone her wedding – and her special celebration cupcakes?

This is a humorous, clean, cat cozy mystery with female amateur sleuths, cupcake talk – and Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat!





Pouncing on the Proof – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 14

Lauren Crenshaw, cupcake baker and café owner, is planning her wedding to Mitch Denman, her handsome police detective.

What could possibly go wrong?

When Lauren and her cousin Zoe check out Stately Vue Hall, a posh wedding venue, they’re overwhelmed by the prices – and a young bridezilla. But when they visit the beautiful knot garden, they find the owner dead – in the hedge!

Who could have killed him?

Brianna, the young bridezilla? Her meek and mild fiancé? Her rich father? Or the co-owner of Stately Vue Hall, who was the victim’s ex-wife?

With so many suspects, Lauren, Zoe, and Annie (Lauren’s silver-gray Norwegian Forest Cat who helps out at the cafe) are a little overwhelmed, especially when they also have wedding planning to do!

Flowers, invitations, dress shopping – it’s no wonder Lauren feels stressed. On top of all that, she comes up with a new cupcake creation – and a special latte for Martha, their friend and regular customer.

But when the trio come face-to-face with the killer, with Annie pouncing on the evidence, they need to foil the guilty party – or they’ll miss out on the delicious carrot cupcakes waiting for them at home!




Felines and Footprints – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 13

Cupcake baker Lauren, her cousin Zoe, and Annie, a Norwegian Forest Cat, run a popular cat café in the Californian town of Gold Leaf Valley.

When Father Mike, the beloved local priest, jets off to Miami for a church conference, he leaves a supply priest called Gavin in charge, and asks the trio to look after his grumpy Persian cat.

Mrs. Snuggle is not pleased at the arrangement, but Annie does her best to look after her, with Lauren and Zoe assisting.

But then Lauren and Zoe find Gavin’s body in the church parking lot!

Who could have killed the new priest? Someone from his past? Or someone from his present?

While the trio start sleuthing, Lauren whips up a new creation – lemon meringue cupcakes – which are a big hit.

When Lauren finds counterfeit money in her register, she can’t help wondering if it’s linked to Gavin’s “accident”.

But when she realizes who the killer is, thoughts of a romantic lunch with her boyfriend Mitch are cast aside. Can the trio foil the murderer, or will they have tasted their last lemon meringue cupcake?




Kittens and Killers – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 12

Kittens, Killers, and Cupcakes – a cozy cat mystery!

Lauren, Zoe, and Annie, a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, are excited about hosting kitten adoption day at their café in Gold Leaf Valley, Northern California.

A horrible lady called Nellie misses out on the best-looking kitten, and is later found murdered!

Meanwhile, Lauren whips up a new creation – mocha cupcakes – and Zoe glazes her latest batch of pottery mugs.

While the trio investigate, they spy Mitch, Lauren’s boyfriend, at a jewelry store. Why is he there? Is he buying a gift for Lauren – or is it something more?

But when they come face to face with the killer, all thoughts of jewelry flee from Lauren’s mind. The three of them need to get out of there fast – or they won’t be able to enjoy any more mocha cupcakes!




Catmint and Crooks – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 11

Cupcakes, pizza, a Norwegian Forest Cat, and … murder!

Zoe, cousin and assistant to Lauren Crenshaw, cupcake baker and owner of the Norwegian Forest Cat Café in sunny Northern California, enters a local pizza making competition.

Lauren, and her gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, Annie, hope she wins.

While Zoe practices all week long, Lauren makes dozens of red velvet cupcakes for the event.

Zoe doesn’t win first place, but after the competition, she and Lauren find the winner – murdered!

Who wanted the victim dead?

His ex-wife who also competed?

A bossy female competitor?

The organizer of the event – did he recognize the man from his past?

Even Lauren and Zoe are under suspicion.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Annie investigate sewing, with surprising results!

Lauren’s romance with Mitch progresses at a steady rate, and so does Zoe’s with Chris.

But when they confront the killer, can they escape in the nick of time? Or will they have served their last red velvet cupcake?

This is a humorous, clean, cat cozy mystery with female amateur sleuths, cupcake talk – and Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat!




Fur and Felons – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 10

Super Vanilla Cupcakes, Murder, and a Gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat …

A local TV celebrity tries to steal Lauren’s new super vanilla cupcake idea – and winds up murdered!

Can Lauren, Zoe, and Annie find out who did it? Lauren is a serious suspect since she turned down the celebrity’s business proposal.

Meanwhile, AJ causes chaos at the café, Zoe’s boyfriend Chris moves into his own place, with Zoe “helping” him decorate, and Lauren and Mitch’s relationship progresses at a steady rate.

But when the killer lures them back to the TV studio, can Annie rescue them? Or will they have eaten their last super vanilla cupcake?


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Christmas Claws – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 9

Can Annie the Norwegian Forest Cat save the town’s Christmas Play?

It’s almost Christmas in Gold Leaf Valley, but Father Mike is in despair. The person playing Mrs. Claus in his play has pulled out at the last minute.

With only three days until opening night, he doesn’t know what to do – until cupcake baker Lauren and her cousin Zoe, suggest Annie play Mrs. Claus!

The cast love the idea, and opening night is a huge success – until a backstage crew member is murdered.

Mitch, Lauren’s boyfriend and police detective, sets out to find the killer. But Zoe grows impatient, especially when Jay’s brother accuses them of murder!

Zoe persuades Lauren to join her in some sleuthing. With Mitch busy with the case and hanging out with his friend Chris, who is temporary roommates with him, Lauren has some free time for once. And of course Annie accompanies them on their adventure.

Lauren’s new cupcake is a festive gingerbread creation, and Zoe is busy making her new holiday mugs.

But when they encounter the killer in the twilight, can they escape in the nick of time? Or will this be their last Christmas?




Pedigrees and Poison – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 8

Murder at the cat show?

Cupcake baker Lauren Crenshaw, her cousin Zoe, and Annie, a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, run a cat café in Gold Leaf Valley, a small town in Northern California.

Annie competes in a cat show, to help raise funds to improve the local park. Her friend AJ, a Maine Coon, enters too.

A grumpy Persian called Mrs. Snuggle Face Furry Frost is also a competitor. Her owner, Kathleen, seems to like winning at all costs.

But when Kathleen dies at the show, the trio wonder if it’s natural causes … or … murder.

Who is the killer? The male judge accused of bribery? The glamorous female judge who owns Himalayans? Or is it another competitor? And what will happen to Mrs. Snuggle Face Furry Frost?

Meanwhile, Zoe comes up with a great idea to make pottery mugs featuring different Annie poses, and Lauren can’t decide which cupcake suggestion to make next.

Lauren’s romance with Mitch, and Zoe’s romance with Chris, are both going well, although Lauren is nervous about meeting Mitch’s parents.

But when they’re commanded by an anonymous person to produce the valuable Mrs. Snuggle Face Furry Frost or else, can they keep the Persian safe, and unmask the killer?

Or will they be permanently frosted?

AMAZON (Kindle and paperback)



Catnaps and Clues – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 7

A romantic weekend at a Bed and Breakfast – what could possibly go wrong? Unless it’s murder!

When cupcake baker Lauren Crenshaw wins a romantic weekend at a B&B, she invites her sweetheart, Detective Mitch Denman.

Their dreamy getaway is looking promising, until the nosy owner, Edna Lofty, is murdered! Not only that, but Lauren and Mitch are considered suspects.

Instead of being in charge of the case, Mitch is tasked with finding a garden gnome thief, while Lauren, Zoe, and Annie (Lauren’s gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat) decide to secretly snoop into Edna’s death.

Who could the killer be? Edna’s devoted husband? Or the other guests that fateful weekend?

The trio also help Mitch launch a gnome sting operation in their own backyard.

Meanwhile, Annie and her feline friend AJ have cute video play dates, Zoe’s romance with Chris is moving along, and Lauren comes up with a new cupcake creation.

Zoe’s pottery mugs prove popular with their customers. But before she can make another batch, it’s time to face the killer, before the killer gives them a permanent catnap!




Kitty Cats and Crime – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 6

A cupcake rival tries to steal their business! What will Lauren, Annie, and Zoe do?

What happens when a rival sets up his cupcake truck right outside the Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe?

Everyone in the small town in Northern California seems drawn to Jason, the good-looking yet arrogant cupcake baker, and his French Bulldog – which means no customers for the trio.

But when they discover Jason’s dead body and are treated as major suspects, they decide to investigate!

Who is the killer? The ex-girlfriend? The victim’s best friend? Even Ms. Tobin is considered a suspect by the new detective in charge of the case.

Lauren and Mitch go on a double date with Zoe and Chris, while Annie finds a possible clue.

Meanwhile, Zoe’s idea for AJ, the kitten Annie found, to train as Annie’s assistant in the café, doesn’t quite work out as planned.

But when the killer comes knocking, can Lauren, Annie, and Zoe find a way to escape? Or will they have served their last cupcake?

This is a humorous, clean, cat cozy mystery with female amateur sleuths, cupcake talk – and Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat!

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A Brand New Series! All books available in paperback as well.

Audio Books coming in 2020, narrated by Devon Sorvari!

Release Dates for Audio:

Purrs and Peril: 1/28/2020

Meow Means Murder: 3/17/2020

Whiskers and Warrants: 4/14/2020

Two Tailed Trouble: 4/28/2020

Paws and Punishment – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 5

Murder at the hair salon!

Can cat café owner Lauren, her cousin Zoe, and Annie, the gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, discover who the killer is?

When Zoe gives her cousin Lauren a disastrous “trim”, they run to the new hairdresser in town, who manages to fix Lauren’s hair. While they’re there, an angry customer storms into the salon, complaining about her perm.

A few days later, Lauren and Zoe are shocked to discover the angry customer strangled right in front of the salon!

Who is a suspect? Brooke, the new hair stylist? The victim’s best friend? Or the victim’s ex-husband who is just recovering from their bitter divorce?

Zoe’s fledgling romance with Chris is going well, and she’s talking about double dating with Lauren and Mitch.

When Lauren catches a cold, Zoe runs the café on her own – with help from Annie. After Lauren recovers, the trio start sleuthing …

But when they find a clue, the killer catches them in the act! Is it too late for Lauren, Zoe, and Annie? Or can Annie show them a way to escape in time?

This is a humorous, clean, cat cozy mystery with female amateur sleuths, cupcake talk – and Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat!


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Two Tailed Trouble – A Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 4

A cat café

A gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat

And a party that goes horribly wrong …

Cat café owner, Lauren Crenshaw, with Annie, her Norwegian Forest Cat, and Zoe, Lauren’s cousin, are catering the anniversary party at the local senior center in Gold Leaf Valley, when the greedy new landlord is killed in a hit and run.

Was it an accident – or murder?

Lauren, Annie, and Zoe aren’t the only ones investigating. Their new friend Martha, a regular at the center, loves writing down tidbits of gossip. Has she inadvertently written down who the murderer is?

Annie has also been busy, rescuing a kitten. Ed, who creates the legendary pastries for the café, volunteers to look after the little stray.

Zoe is tired of string-art and decides to try bead jewelry. Then Lauren’s boyfriend Mitch tries to set up Zoe with his friend. But when she discovers who it is …

This is a humorous, clean, cat cozy mystery with female amateur sleuths – and Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat!

Available at:


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Whiskers and Warrants – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 3

Lauren and Zoe sign up for advanced latte art class. What they didn’t bargain on was … murder!

 Cat café owner, Lauren Crenshaw, and her cousin, Zoe, attend their first advanced latte art class, excited to learn intricate designs. But when their world-famous instructor is murdered, they decide to investigate!

Annie, Lauren’s gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, helps in the sleuthing department as well.

Zoe is also busy crocheting a coffee cozy to sell online, and Lauren continues to knit her never-ending scarf.

While Lauren’s romance with Mitch, the police detective, blossoms, Zoe despairs of meeting ‘the right guy’.

But when Annie finds a clue in the café, everything is put on hold while the trio investigate the murder.

Who is the killer? One of the other students? The barista’s business partner? Or a mysterious vagrant that one of the students claim they saw?

This is a humorous, clean, cat cozy mystery with female amateur sleuths – and a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat!

Available at:


 Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble


Meow Means Murder – A Norwegian Forest Cat Café Cozy Mystery – Book 2

A gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, a cat café, a food critic, and … murder!

The small town of Gold Leaf Valley is aflutter with a food critic’s arrival. His online column has made him famous in this part of Northern California, but not everyone is pleased he’s in town.

When café owners Lauren Crenshaw and Annie, her silver-gray tabby, stumble across his body, what should they do? Investigate the crime themselves? Or … leave it to the police?

Is Lauren under suspicion for delivering pastries to the dead man’s motel room? Or did his intern bump him off in order to gain a promotion?

Lauren’s cousin Zoe is keen to help investigate the crime. But are there too many red herrings in this case to uncover the truth?

Zoe is also busy turning knitting club into knitting/crochet club and teasing Lauren about her budding romance with the attractive Detective Mitch Denman.

Can the trio uncover the truth about the food critic’s death – before the killer strikes again?

This is a fun, clean, cat cafe cozy mystery with female amateur sleuths – and a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat!

Available at:

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Purrs and Peril – A Norwegian Forest Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 1

A cat café


Who is the killer?

 Lauren Crenshaw and her Norwegian Forest Cat Annie run their own certified cat café in the picturesque small town of Gold Leaf Valley, Northern California. Lauren’s fun cousin Zoe helps out as well.

Lauren, Annie, and Zoe are shocked when one of their favorite customers is poisoned. Steve came into the café nearly every day – but who wanted him dead?

The trio find themselves suspecting their customers – even elderly Mrs. Finch, whom Lauren thinks of as a substitute grandmother, doesn’t escape their scrutiny.

The new (and attractive!) police detective warns them off the case. But Annie, the Norwegian Forest Cat, seems to have a nose for sniffing out trouble.

Can Lauren, Annie, and Zoe catch the killer before the killer catches them?

Amazon US

Amazon UK


Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo – one link for all three!

Incantations and Iced Coffee – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 6

Can Maddie, Trixie, and Suzanne solve another murder (with a little magical help) before it’s too late?

The whole town of Estherville seems surprised when Veronica, a woman with a bad reputation, returns to visit her cousin Claudine. Nobody seems happy to see her.

But who hated her enough to kill her? Maddie, Trixie, and Suzanne can’t decide which of their customers have murder in their heart – until they come face to face with the killer!

This is a clean cozy cat mystery with humor, a little magic, and Trixie, the most adorable Persian familiar ever!

Familiars and French Roast – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 5

Can Maddie’s witchy abilities help her unmask a killer?

Maddie, Trixie, and Suzanne have an exciting side job planned for the weekend – catering at a self-help retreat!

But when a storm brews and the electricity is cut off, they start to have second thoughts. They’re trapped in an old house with six strangers … 

Disaster strikes – one of the attendees is murdered! Can the trio discover who did it?

Will the full moon help or hinder Maddie? Can she find a new spell in Wytchcraft for the Chosen that will aid their investigation?

Or will she run smack dab into the murderer, totally unprepared for what happens next?

Recipe Included!

Enchantments and Espresso – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 4

Can Maddie use her witchy powers to save her best friend Suzanne?

Recipe Included!

When witchy barista Maddie, Trixie (her Persian familiar), and best friend Suzanne take on their first catering job, they didn’t expect to encounter murder!

But that is exactly what happens when they provide the espressos and health balls for their friends’ going into business party.

Nobody liked the victim – including Suzanne. But when she’s accused of murder, Maddie and Trixie will have to use their supernatural powers to make sure the real killer is discovered!

Magic and Mocha – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 3

Drowned in a vat of bubbling mocha. Can Maddie prove it was murder?

Recipe Included!

Maddie is all set to compete in a big barista competition in Seattle, when tragedy strikes. The elegant female judge is found dead, drowned in a big vat of bubbling mocha!

Requested by the police to stay in Seattle overnight, Maddie and Suzanne are determined to discover who the murderer is.

But once they return home to Estherville, will it really be that simple? The full moon means another spell is revealed to Maddie, but is it one that will help her catch the killer?

What will happen when she returns to Seattle the following weekend to finish competing? Is Maddie next on the killer’s list? And what about Trixie, Maddie’s familiar? Will she be able to help Maddie from one hundred miles away – at home in Estherville?

Visions and Vanilla Cappuccino – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 2

A full-length mystery – recipe included!

Maddie, Trixie (her Persian cat who might be her familiar) and Suzanne (Maddie’s best friend) operate Brewed from the Bean, a specialty coffee truck in Estherville, a small town in Washington State.

The local coffee festival has people buzzing – but for all the wrong reasons. When an obnoxious radio personality is murdered, all signs point to Maddie being the culprit!

Maddie, Trixie, and Suzanne are determined to clear Maddie’s name, and investigate their fellow competitors.

But with only two spells under her belt, can Maddie unmask the killer? It will take the combined efforts of the trio to discover who the murderer is – before it’s too late!

Spells and Spiced Latte – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 1

Can a witch who can only cast one spell solve a murder?

Maddie Goodwell, Trixie, her Persian cat (who might also be her familiar), and Maddie’s best friend Suzanne Taylor, run their coffee truck, Brewed from the Bean, in the small town of Estherville, Washington state.

Maddie always thought it was a sleepy kind of town, apart from the fact that when she was seven, she found an ancient book, Wytchcraft for the Chosen.

Now, twenty years later, she can only cast one spell successfully from the book – the coffee vision spell.

But when she peeks into Joan’s future – one of her regular customers – she sees the middle-aged woman lying dead in the kitchen!

When the vision comes true, Maddie is determined to investigate – with the help of Trixie and Suzanne.

Who would want to kill Joan? Why?

And will they be coming after Maddie next?

This is a cozy witch mystery of approximately 24,500 words.

About the Author:

Jinty James grew up reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven mysteries, as well as all the Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. Later on, she graduated to mysteries written by Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Peters, and many other authors. It was her dream to one day write her own cozy mystery, and now she has, with plans for many more.