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Enchantments and Espresso – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 4

Can Maddie use her witchy powers to save her best friend Suzanne?

Recipe Included!

When witchy barista Maddie, Trixie (her Persian familiar), and best friend Suzanne take on their first catering job, they didn’t expect to encounter murder!

But that is exactly what happens when they provide the espressos and health balls for their friends’ going into business party.

Nobody liked the victim – including Suzanne. But when she’s accused of murder, Maddie and Trixie will have to use their supernatural powers to make sure the real killer is discovered!


Magic and Mocha – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 3

Drowned in a vat of bubbling mocha. Can Maddie prove it was murder?

Recipe Included!

Maddie is all set to compete in a big barista competition in Seattle, when tragedy strikes. The elegant female judge is found dead, drowned in a big vat of bubbling mocha!

Requested by the police to stay in Seattle overnight, Maddie and Suzanne are determined to discover who the murderer is.

But once they return home to Estherville, will it really be that simple? The full moon means another spell is revealed to Maddie, but is it one that will help her catch the killer?

What will happen when she returns to Seattle the following weekend to finish competing? Is Maddie next on the killer’s list? And what about Trixie, Maddie’s familiar? Will she be able to help Maddie from one hundred miles away – at home in Estherville?

Visions and Vanilla Cappuccino – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 2

A full-length mystery – recipe included!

Maddie, Trixie (her Persian cat who might be her familiar) and Suzanne (Maddie’s best friend) operate Brewed from the Bean, a specialty coffee truck in Estherville, a small town in Washington State.

The local coffee festival has people buzzing – but for all the wrong reasons. When an obnoxious radio personality is murdered, all signs point to Maddie being the culprit!

Maddie, Trixie, and Suzanne are determined to clear Maddie’s name, and investigate their fellow competitors.

But with only two spells under her belt, can Maddie unmask the killer? It will take the combined efforts of the trio to discover who the murderer is – before it’s too late!

Spells and Spiced Latte – A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery – Maddie Goodwell 1

Can a witch who can only cast one spell solve a murder?

Maddie Goodwell, Trixie, her Persian cat (who might also be her familiar), and Maddie’s best friend Suzanne Taylor, run their coffee truck, Brewed from the Bean, in the small town of Estherville, Washington state.

Maddie always thought it was a sleepy kind of town, apart from the fact that when she was seven, she found an ancient book, Wytchcraft for the Chosen.

Now, twenty years later, she can only cast one spell successfully from the book – the coffee vision spell.

But when she peeks into Joan’s future – one of her regular customers – she sees the middle-aged woman lying dead in the kitchen!

When the vision comes true, Maddie is determined to investigate – with the help of Trixie and Suzanne.

Who would want to kill Joan? Why?

And will they be coming after Maddie next?

This is a cozy witch mystery of approximately 24,500 words.

About the Author:

Jinty James grew up reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven mysteries, as well as all the Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. Later on, she graduated to mysteries written by Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Peters, and many other authors. It was her dream to one day write her own cozy mystery, and now she has, with plans for many more.